What exactly are your consumer rights and what now ? if you have a challenge with a product or service? We have lots of information that will help you learn about your rights.

Our information covers topics such as:

Buying goods, including where to start if you buy a new faulty product and information on shopping from home.
We help you understand rules on pricing and we have now lots of information that will help you if you are purchasing a car.
We can assist you to understand your rights in addition to responsibilities with services in addition to contracts, such as cellphone contracts.
Buying a home includes an in depth guide to buying your house and information on Multi-unit developments. We also have three checklists which provide reminder questions to ask when you’re looking around for real estate, finding out more regarding the property and finding a new solicitor.
Our scams section highlights many of the most common scams and where to start if you think you’ve recently been scammed.
We also have a great deal of information on your rights as a passenger when you take a trip, from cancelled flights, to damaged luggage and your rights.